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TCI New Zealand manufactures a patented unique portable flooring system named GRIDMATtm. It consists of interlocking tiles of either open or closed surface for indoor or outdoor use.

Gridmat is the most advanced, cost effective portable flooring system available today. Lightweight, hard wearing and easy to install - Gridmat is the ultimate cost effective portable flooring solution.

The applications for Gridmat are virtually endless. Currently a top selling product in the USA, Europe and Australia, Gridmat is used in the following industries:

  • Marquee Hire

  • Outdoor Events

  • Stadium Protection

  • Processing Plants

  • Machine Shops

  • Construction Sites

  • Food Processing Factories

  • Food Processing Factories

  • Assembly Plants

  • Trade Fairs and Promotional Events

  • Motor Sport

Gridmat is widely used for shows and display areas. Due to its unique design power cables can safely travel under the flooring so machinery can be placed anywhere without the restriction of power point accessibility.

Open style Gridmat can also be used as a semi-permanent surface on grass as it allows growth through the holes in the surface. The grass can even be mown!

Gridmat is a patented injection moulded product manufactured from superior quality, high impact polypropylene. Gridmat is fully UV stabilised. Gridmat is extremely strong - a 2 tonne vehicle can be driven over it with ease. Gridmat has a temperature range of -20°C to +65°C (-40° to +150°C to special order). Gridmat is available in any colour to suit your needs.

Gridmat is a patented product available in two versions - ‘Open’ and ‘Closed’. Edging is available to provide a gentle slope up to the flooring level.

Colour: Gridmat can be produced in any colour to suit your individual needs. The following colours are readily available: Black, Grey, Natural (no colour), White, Terra-cotta, Green, Blue and Red

- Tile size : L400mm x W133mm x H19mm
- 18 Tiles per m2
- Open Version: 131g
- Closed Tile: 181g

Packaging Options
Cartons (size: 420x585x430 mm) : 80 tiles
Pallets (size 1110x1230mm) : assembled in mats of 5x3
Tiles Per Pallet : 1200
Container 20ft : 24000