Product Design

Great ideas translated into functional Product Design commands market attention. TCI's award winning design expertise and  international experience will leverage product development success rate through innovative design, experience and in-depth knowledge accumulated over decades as a leading Product Designer, Developer, Toolmaker and Injection Moulder.  This invaluable multifaceted resource is channelled into every project to deliver world class product in the shortest possible time. To maximize the process we utilize the latest 3D computer modelling, simulation and analysis software to turn your ideas to reality.



Design For Manufacturability
DFM is central in product design - the end result are cost effective parts or products that are efficiently designed and tooled for performance, thus maximizing your competitive advantage.

Good Design is the sum of good engineering and experience
Creative solutions are found through in-depth know-how in materials, engineering, tooling design, toolmaking and processing. We share our expertise and openly collaborate with your team at any level. We will work closely with your team to provide the necessary design techniques and advice where required to optimise and accelerate design.

Product Styling

  • Outstanding industrial design creates positive emotional connection with consumers.
  • Differentiates products and can drive commercial success.
  • Strong practical grounding in mechanical engineering design enables our TCI team to consider practical implications up front.
  • Visually sophisticated products, the result of decades of industrial design experience in competitive markets.


  • Materials and production technologies optimised.
  • Computer-based design tools to simulate, validate and develop functional designs.
  • Vast experience in materials, structures and mechanism development in manufacturing helps our TCI team deliver elegant and practical engineering design solutions.
  • Structured risk analysis computer aided product design and evaluations are used to assist engineering development.

Trying, improving and gaining confidence. Prototypes are a vital instrument in creative ideas development, communication and product design evaluation, resolving aesthetic, usability and production issues. Accurate prototypes are always recommended for operational testing, market assessment and form/fit/tolerance checking.
In-house and partner resources to provide models, animation and test to meet the diverse requirements of our clients.

Tooling Design and Manufacture
Toolmaking expertise is key in producing consistent, high quality low cost product. Moulds can be made in our in-house toolmaking facility. Further, we have over many years developed overseas Toolmaking enabling us to manufacture moulds up to 16 ton.

Our manufacturing facility is state-of-the-art. Please visit our company profile. It comprises 28 injection moulding machines, gas assisted moulding, printing facility, assembly and warehousing. Please contact us for further information about manufacturing your product.

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