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Plastic bins are anti bacterial, vented, do not absorb moisture and have smooth curved surfaces which significantly reduce fruit or produce damage and can be easily sanitised. Recent research carried out in the kiwifruit industry found that using plastic bins reduces fruit loss by an astounding 30%.

The cost benefit in adopting such technology over wooden bins weighs considerably in favour of plastic bins which will substantially reduce fruit reject rate, drive up productivity and processing capacity.



SureStore Produce Bins have been engineered from the ground up to meet some very demanding industry requirements with specific focus in overcoming common shortfalls found in most plastic bins available in the market today - not an easy challenge.


Design challenges:

  • Plastic bins sides flex, resulting in fruit damage.
  • Because plastic bins sides are flexible they require special stropping - usually  at ends.   This requires driver training as it is not user friendly.
  • Plastic bins tend to slide and can be dangerous when wet, especially so on truck decks.
  • Freighting plastic bins from the manufacturer to site is costly. 

Working closely with leading industry-specific experts and drawing on the latest design and FEA software, the TCI design team modelled and simulated SureStore’s harsh working conditions to address the points above.

The final product delivers superior performance and strength that will substantially improve fruit quality, hygiene, operation and safety standards.


Why SureStore Produce Bins:

  • NO Lateral flex: SureStore has an integrated 5x40mm stainless steel bar on each side that dramatically improves lateral strength. Deflection approx.  5mm@230kgf - A typical plastic bin under similar load would deflect 50 to 100mm.
  • No fuss Freight:  No special stropping or driver training requirements.  Surestore Produce Bins can be stropped in the middle of the bin - complex side stropping is unnecessary.
  • Timber Skids for safety: No slipping or sliding on the truck deck. SureStore bins have replaceable low cost timber skid inserts for improved safety and strength. Friction coefficient is approximately 3 times greater than plastic.
  • Modular Design: Reduces transportation cost by approximately 50%.
  • Service and Maintenance: Due to the modular design, damaged components can be replaced thus extending service life.
  • Proven track record in the field: SureStore Produce Bins have been in operation nationwide for two years.


Product Information

SureStore Fresh Produce

Intensively trialled in New Zealand orchards and packhouses, SureStore Produce Bins are the clean and convenient option for storing and transporting fresh produce from orchards to packhouses and all the way to point of sale.

Their rugged modular design and steel-reinforced sides won’t rack during loading, protecting your fresh produce and cutting maintenance costs. SureStore features gentle, rounded corners that protect delicate fruit and eliminate bin-tip damage.

Easily washed down using high-pressure or chemical systems, SureStore Produce Bins speed up post-harvest services and lifts orchard hygiene. Super-clean surfaces help exporters meet stringent cross-border bio security standards.  Constructed from UV-resistant, recyclable plastic, SureStore Produce Bins can be stored uncovered for years of safe storage.

  • Perfect for all orchard produce including pip fruit, kiwifruit, avocados  and citrus
  • Squash, pumpkins and melons
  • Root vegetables including potatoes, carrots and kumara
  • Market garden crops including cabbage, lettuce and broccoli

The SureStore Advantage

  • Free of chemical residues

  • Smooth surfaces that are quick and easy to clean

  • Suitable for uncovered storage

  • Naturally-rounded corners with no sharp edges

  • Vented sides and base to ensure optimum air flow

  • Timber inserted skids for maximum safety

SureStore Inventory and Retail

Smart, clean and chemical resistant.  SureStore Produce Bins are perfect for storing unpackaged inventory and can be directly fork lifted from the warehouse to the retail floor.

SureStore  Produce Bins can be conveniently stacked eliminating the need for storage racks and maximising warehouse space.



Length 1200 mm
Width 1200 mm
Height 650 mm
Weight 48 kg's
Storage volume 625 litres
Loading per bin 400 kg's
Unit stacking 12 bins high